Is my ex really over me? cause I'm still hung up on him...

So me and my ex dated for about three years we broke up this summer because he said he didn't feel like we "connected" like we use to, but he would still come and see me and we'd still engage in a physical relationship and talk about our past with one another until about January. He left after his winter break to go back to his college but he's going to another college somewhere in the midwest for an exchange program of sorts. I found out recently he started dating this girl who he goes to college with in our home state, and when I ask him about his feelings for me he says " I love you, but I just can't or the wound is still fresh". I backed off and then 4 weeks ago he started talking to me again on and off, and always initiated the conversations. This girl has been a close friend of his since the beginning of college and has always liked him, I find it odd though could this relationship be a rebound? it's just odd that they started dating when they aren't and won't be near each other for 6 or more months?! and to make it worse this girl is like hounding him on Facebook like everyday posting on his wall, and she initiated to be " in a relationship" with him on Facebook and even highlighted it on her wall, but he just doesn't seem as public about it other than having his status as "in a relationship". Also I noticed that after I started going out more and even posted a new picture of myself looking good and happy he started talking to me again? and it's inevitable that we're going to see each other when he comes back since we live in the same hometown and frequent the same places. I even asked him how he'd feel if he saw me with someone new and he said "oh I'd be jealous and upset, but I'd be happy if you were". are his feelings really gone? is it really just done and over for good? can I still have hope to rekindle our romance? he started dating this girl only 6 months after our break up, and he said he'd been interested her for about a month but it doesn't make sense because we even slept together when he said he was "interested in her".


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  • There is nothing weird about him dating her and there is no proof that she is a rebound chick. He broke up with you and you should have made him stick to that decision. You were straight up wrong to let him be in and out of your life, and also sleeping with you. He sounds like the man. He dumps you because you don't have a connection anymore, but he still felt a connection to your lady parts. Yeah, you two were talking about your feelings and all that other bullsh*t, but if he really wanted you he would have put in the effort to make a commitment. New girl isn't the rebound chick. You were the rebound chick. You're the one he kept around until someone new came along, and because you are hung up on him you allowed it. You allowed it because you still wanted to be with him you thought that the time he was spending with you and having sex with you meant that part of him still wanted to be with you as well. Again, if that's what he wanted then he would have just been with you. I know it hurts, but you need to realize that he's been over you.


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  • I think you need to step back and think about how you are feeling...

    Your still young and so is he, go out meet other people if you both come back together than it is fate and not something that was fabricated by one of you.

    Except he doesn't know what he wants at his age, if he wanted you he would be with you...

    good luck..


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