How would you feel if you saw your ex girlfriend grinding/dancing with some guy at a bar?

My ex and I broke up 5 months ago ish and the other night I took a guy with me to the bar. Our relationship ended on good terms, but he still wanted nothing to do with me. He actually broke up with me. We had mostly ended things on account that we realized we wanted different things. He wanted kids and a stay at home immediately and I wanted to go to grad school. A month ago I ran into him at the same bar and he just kind of stared at me... it was really awkward. I knew he wanted no contact so I didn't go up to him, but he really just stood there and stared for what felt like 30 mins. I could see he had the same uncomfortable facial expression he had when we broke up. He eventually left.

I've started seeing this new guy and we just went on the dance floor and decided to have some fun. I wouldn't say it was all out gross/get a room kind of grinding... we were just having fun dancing. Apparently my ex kept making double takes or something... like he didn't want to look but couldn't not. I feel kind of bad now. It just makes me feel so awkward... like I'm being watched all of the time. I think things would have been SO much less awkward if we had just stayed friends... now I run into these weird situations where he just pretends like he doesn't know me, but can't stop looking. Maybe next time I should just say hi? We're in a small college town and we seem to hang out at the same bars. What do I do about this whole situation? I'm tired of feeling watched.


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  • Well, clearly your ex has not moved on. Even though you guys broke up, the feelings are still there, and it will stay there for a long time corresponding to how much time you have invested together.

    • No, he's not planning to move on until his life settles down some. We weren't even together long. 2 months. He did think I was almost the one though. Maybe we broke up for the wrong reasons, but he felt like he was too busy to give me the time we needed to have our relationship grow. It's an excuse, but maybe a valid one in his case. He works 85 hrs a week, sleeps 5 hrs a night and never really socializes with anyone that much :/. Poor guy. He liked me a lot, we just wanted different things

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    • Well, I hope you for the best

    • aw thanks! Yeah, things will work out :) I feel a lot freer now that I'm not with him. I'm a lot happier really. He was too... I like everything my way for me.

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  • That seems like a genuine idea.

    • wait what?

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    • His loss XD haha

    • Yeah, even my guy friends will listen tom e talk. I'm not that insane haha. I think he lacks experience with females for sure. We like to talk about how we feel... Sheesh.

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