Dump him! is it worth it to tell him?

I'm so disappointed and pissed. I saw my boyfriend driving his car with his ex-girlfriend, but I think he did not see me driving by. I tried calling him in the momento but of course he did not answer and then just turned it off.

His ex was trying to get back to him a couple of weeks ago, but he told me that everything with her was over and that he was not interested in her. I'm just so pissed off that want to dump him!

My friends tell me to talk to him, but I don't think he is even worth my time. I don't even want to hear some lame excuse just don't want to talk to him anymore. I'm hurt :(

Do you think it is worth it to tell him I don't want to see him anymore? I mean he doesn't even pick up his pone because he is with his ex.


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  • I'd just consider yourself single now and be done with it. He clearly lied to you, and then wouldn't answer your call with her there. If you had nothing to worry about, he'd have been completely open with you about her and what she was doing with him. Instead he turned his phone off.

    I suppose you can let him know that you're over when he eventually calls you, but you don't have to go out of your way or anything.


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  • If you have a Facebook change your status to single. IF he answers his phone tell him its over and hang up.

    Thank you for not being a desperate idiot! So PROUD OF YOU!

  • What the other answerers said. He couldn't give you the time of day, so you shouldn't have to give it to him...he doesn't deserve it, nor do you deserve the pain associated with a lame excuse.


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