What is going on between me and my girl?

Or rather, I guess she's my ex now. Either way here's what is going on and it's made me nothing but confused. So we had a huge fight on the 17th of March, one that basically had her so mad that she basically told me to f*** off. Basically I have struggled for a long time with anxiety and for the 3 days prior to the big fight she hadn't said a word and I knew she was there because she had been active during that period on various things we did together (steam for example), which caused me to have panic attacks the day that the fight happened in which I ended up sending a bunch of panicy texts and calling a LOT (understatement of times). Keep in mind prior to those 3 days she had been pretty distant since she had been staying with her mom for a month due to something that happened in her family.

Well either way, things started to cool down a bit a few days after the big fight and I presented the idea of going back to spending time together again as just friends for now, getting back to being friends again and such and she seemed very receptive of the idea.

The two days following the conversation we were talking over text again and having actual conversations. Then all the sudden out of the blue she started distancing again, on the 26th I got a text saying she wasn't feeling well because of her fibro (she DOES have fibro). I told her okay, I hope she feels better and that I missed her. In which she replied "Miss you too, will talk soon <3"

Fast forward to the 30th before I heard from her again where she said she still wasn't feeling well. But she hadn't forgotten me, and that she was keeping to herself and waiting for it to pass. Fast forward to the 4th of April and got a couple replies (after she hadn't replied to any of my texts on the 2nd asking how she was doing), anyways she said she had a migraine. Told her again hope she feels better and that I'd let her be since she wasn't feeling well, reply "Ty love".

Next day I asked if her head felt better and how her day was and she said sh*tty and that she hadn't slept but 4 hours since the 1st of the month. That she was incoherent and evil and would text me when she had slept. I decided okay, ill give her space and stopped txting her for a few days. Today I tried to text to see how she was doing and have gotten no reply at all. I also came to find out that, on or around the 3rd of April she apparently blocked my Facebook. She had blocked my other Facebook sometime during the one month where she was with her mom but I never got an answer why, this Facebook she blocked recently was the one I created on the 21st of feb. just to ask why she blocked my main account.

Either way, I'm confused. Every time I have tried to talk to her recently she's sick or something, but before that she seemed very receptive to trying to be friends again, but the only time she's initiated first contact since that convo was the day after. I get the feeling she's just stringing me along.
Me and this girl are both the same age (29) and we were insanely close before this one month thing, I've since been getting help for my anxiety and she knew that after the fight I started to get help for my anxiety, but it would seem like that doesn't matter to her.
Also, since our talk about going back to friends I've been nothing but kind and sweet to her, I haven't been suffering the anxiety issues and have not done anything that I think should be upsetting. Really I am confused and don't know what to do or what's going on.
Never did end up hearing back from her yesterday, I am wondering if the fact that I didn't say anything for 3 days out of the blue made her mad, but that wouldn't make much sense considering she never messages first and didn't message back since the last thing she said to me about not having slept but 4 hours in the 4 days prior to that.


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  • She's not interested hun, I'm sorry.

    I know it's hard, went through something similar, I found its best to move on, there's always something more bigger better and shinier out there :)


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