Why is he acting this way?

This guy and I would chat and he seemed very friendly. We'd say "hello" to each other and then "how are you" and go into detail about our day or weekend plans. Now though he seems distant and I'm worried. Like yesterday for example, he walked in and put his backpack next to the chair that was across from the table from me. I thought he would sit down and we'd talk, but he signed in, picked up his backpack and moved to the table in front of the table I was sitting at. Sorry if the whole moving around things confusing just trying to explain. Well essentially he ate his lunch while staring at a wall and I sat there twiddling my thumbs and staring at the back of his head. I tried talking to him, I asked him how his day was and he simply replied good and didn't elaborate. I'd hope I'd be more interesting than staring at a wall, but apparently not. I tried talking to him, but whatever I did he just wasn't responsive. So then today we had to hang up posters together. We walked the halls and I tried to make conversation, but again he wasn't responsive. He used to not be that way. We used to talk all the time. Yesterday the only thing he said to me was "hi", "I like your shirt", "bye". Today it was "hi", "can you come with me to hang up the posters", "bye". He's been acting weird lately. He's not as talkative as usual and I friended him on Facebook like 2 weeks ago, but he never responded and when we talk he hasn't mentioned it. I don't want to be forward and be like what's wrong because I don't want to seem weird, but I can't help thinking its something I've done. What's up with him? Is it me? What can I do?


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  • It seems that he doesn't have good social skills.


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