Move in with my boyfriend? Need help? PLEASE!


I need everyones ideas on this...

I am 18, and I have been dating this guy for a while. He want me to think about moving in with him by summer. I know that its a while off but ever since he asked me to think about it, my head has be spinning just think about it. So this bring me to Moving in with my Boyfriend... I love him with all my heart. He has been my person when my home life gets beyond rough. He is the person who I tell everything, and spend every minute I can with But I don't want moving in with him to change how happy we are together. I know things would change... but I want to live with him!

So tell me what ya'll think?




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  • We want you to move in because we want to be able to know where you are most of the time. It also means more sex most likely. However, moving in without marriage can be VERY hard. Why don't you try a trial run. 2 weeks maybe? If you don't like his living habits, you can move back out and talk about the relationship from there. If you move in now and later find out that you no longer have feelings for him, it could make it really hard to move out because of legalities as well as emotional stuff.

    The current girl I'm into right now recently split from her boyfriend of 4 long years and he's still living with him because of a legal agreement. He's supposed to move out once some papers are signed but the emotional toll must be pretty hard for her. She wants him out yet he's still there. It can be very strenuous and I'm trying my best to help her feel better about it. I have no idea what to do


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  • seems like it might be too soon. you're only 18.

  • If he's willing to be and you're comfortable with him, then go.


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