I really miss my ex...?

Ok so we broke up a week ago. I was thinking about breaking up with him in person next time I saw him because I didn't think it was working out. He was too busy for me (he works almost daily & we don't go to the same school..) and I would feel really down most of the time because we barely saw each other. :/

We got into an argument that day on the phone & after that he texted me. I asked to meet up the next day because we needed to talk. He sensed I was going to break up so he broke up with me over text.

Even though I was the one that wanted to do it first, it hurt me and it still does. I know I shouldn't feel bad but I regret wanting to break up. He texted me 2 days ago that he was "sorry about everything" , I forgave him and said sorry too. He said I honestly had nothing to be sorry about but I still forgave him. He just said thanks and I said welcome and that was it. I Haven't heard from him since.

We went out for 3 months, I'm 17 & he's 18. He was my first boyfriend. How can I move on? :/


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  • Simply find a new guy for yourself.


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  • You need closure. Everyone goes through that sad stage of break ups. Just Delete His Number. Unfollow Him on instagram twitter . Etc . Our of mind out of sight .. out of heart .

    • That's gonna be really hard for me. We were gonna go to prom together & we made other plans & knowing those things willl never happen hurts even more. I already deleted the pics of us together on Fb but were still friends on there. :(

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