Why did he break up with his girlfriend ?

hey guys so I gave the guy I was talking about a note to tell him how I feel since I never get a chance to see him anymore and I told him that I was in love with him and then I hear a couple ays ago that he broke up withhis girlfriend and I wonder if its because of the note I gave him and now he's all acting diffrent with me he's flirting with me all the time he's back to sitting with me on the bus and he's even kising me again and I'm happy that's what I wanted but I can't help thinking is it my fault he broke up with his gf


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  • sounds like you are the reason that he broke up with his girlfriend. I mean isn't pretty clear?

    1) you send note

    2) a few days later you hear he's broken up with his gf

    3) he starts flirting and hooking up with you

    I mean I think that you brought this on. You hit on a guy who had a girlfriend. I don't think what you did was necessarily wrong, you were rather polite and respectful in declaring your feelings (kind of old timey like something you'd read about in Hemingway or Fitzgerald) but you expressing your feelings seemed to set in motion a serious of a events that led to him dumping his gf

    • thanks I appreciate your comment

    • I mean it's not like you went and flirted with him or hooked up with him. you simply expressed your feelings. he has similar feeligns so while it is pretty clear that the feeling you expressed and the feelings he has for you are the reason they broke up, I don't think you should feel guilty about it.

      He made a choice and that choice was you

    • yea your right I shouldn't worry about it so much

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  • There is no reason to suspect that you're the reason that he broke up with his girlfriend. It could just be coincidence. But any guy that breaks up with his girlfriend, and immediately seeks someone else out, is suspect. How would you feel if you were his girlfriend and as soon as he broke up with you, he was eyeing someone else. No doubt if you were in his girlfriend's place, you would be wondering if he ever had feelings for you.

  • I think what you did is in the grey zone when it comes to is it right or not. Just don't ever write that kind of note to a married man.

    Oh and yes he dumped her for you.

  • It seems it's really your "fault" and it's good.

    He has feelings for you.

    • thanks your probaly right I just can't help but wonder if I did the right thing

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  • Don't feel bad, because all along he probably felt the same way and needed confirmation.

    He is following his heart and not leading his girlfriend on (if anything, that's something to feel bad about).

    Enjoy the affectin you are getting, and I hope a relationship comes out of it ;)

  • if he broke up with his girlfriend for you because you told him how you felt I don't see that as your fault. You were honest about your feelings for him. It was up to him to decide what he wanted to do with that. Be sure you know what kind of guy he is though cos if he was with a girl and broke up with her and then was with you two seconds later...he doesn't sound like the nicest guy, but you know him better than me.


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