Why doesn't my boyfriend appriciate anything?

Ive been with my boyfriend for one and a half years we constantly fight and if I leave I don't hear the end of it till I come back I feel trapped. he doesn't appriciate anything I do infact always is pointing out things I should change. he's mad when I ask him to b respectful and not touch me inappropriately at least once.he complains how he can't even touch his girlfriend which is not the case. I take care of him and his family cook and clean and entertain them. when I'm over he's always with them on the computer all night and then only wants to sleep or make out instead of hanging out. he says I'm selfish and is grumpy if he has to do anything. his excuse is he works. he wanted me to be close to his family and then now I am he gets so angry and says I'm not normal.he cheated on me and begged for another chance which I gave in at the time because I had a miscarriage and felt vulnerable he cheated 2 weeks after that and blamed it on me saying you don't know what it feels like to hear I love you one day and have you leave the next because I was unsure of getting back with him and he kept pushing to rush into it. he now keeps saying you must tell everyone we are back together and get over it or points out things that reason his actions and make me look bad. he says he can't trust me :s , when he doesn't get his way even sexually he talks about how f***ed I am and how he should find better Because he deserves better and when I try to go he attacks by saying I never try and how I should treat him nicer and I'm not normal for not putting out anymorre. when I tell him I'm not happy with the fact that he has made no effort to show he's sorry and continues to show he doesn't care he says he cares but there's no way to please you I have to get over it. I finally broke free had to make t seem like his idea he got mad that I won't go to church with him, he calls me disrespectful non stop and how I should treat him better. honestly does he c nothing or feel nothing? will he ever realise? he claimed to love me and want marriage but he's controlling and insecure and his actions suggest otherwise. but will he ever realize or regret loosing me due to his behavior ?


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  • This could have been a script for a movie about breaking up!

    The only question I have is :

    Why are you still with him?


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  • Here's what you need to do.

    Gain some confidence, see how good of a heart you have, use the brain you obviously have since by reading your article it proves a bit, and dump his ignorant self.

    Move on, he needs to be an ex for a reason. And you have plenty.

    Good luck.

  • Ok so he's mentally abusive and you are still with him because...?


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