How to handle seeing your ex daily and him with his new girlfriend.

Me and my ex broke up four months ago. Since then we started hanging out just as friends we did hook up a few time's. Then about a month ago he told me he has a girlfriend which hurt but I was dating other men too and made him fully aware of that so I had to be OK with the new girl friend. Since then he texts me about once a week but never anything flirty. I really didn't think I wanted him back till I saw him with the new girl. Since then I have been tring not to think about him or text him or anything and just move on. Today he texted and has offered to watch my kids while I work so I will see him everyday and he wants to know if next week he can bring his girl friend a few days next week. If I do want him back what is the best thing to do here. I don't know if I'm going to be able to handle seeing him with his new girl.
So I decided to let him watch my kids and said no to bringing the girl friend. Now he is sending me dirty text messages. WTH, what happened to the girl friend or was he just tring to make a point. I will never understand men.
So now yesterday he wanted to have a few drinks and chill and make me dinner and as we were chatting he slipped and told me about the girl he was dating after me and that they met in November which is when we were living together. So basically admitted to cheating on me and then cheating on the girl after me with his new girl friend and now he cheated on her with me. So all in all guess he's a cheater and I don't want hime back so now what tell him he can't watch my kids anymore?
not watching my kids anymore, number blocked outta my life! Ready to move on! :)


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  • Hit the pause button...

    Since there's kids involved that makes this more important than the average situation.

    We read our mothers better than they think we do. Remember being little and watching the daily panorama of emotions that crossed your mother's face?

    If you think there's going to be a tense situation, and your ex is really into this new girl, then just bow out. Tell him you're not ready to have his new girlfriend in the house with your children, and while you're at it, I'd suggest thinking twice about having him there at all.

    Keep your family's boundaries intact. If something uncomfortable crosses those barriers it affects all of you.

    Stop him at the point before it gets really weird for you all, and tell him what is going on in your heart and mind. Once you deal with the issue and have some closure on the subject, reconsider having him and her over to watch the kids.

    • So you think I should just move on more or less? It is more complicated with my kids and he did live with me and my kids until we split in December so I don't want to confuse them either. They know were just friends now and when we were hanging out before he got this girl friend then that is what we told them.

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    • Hrmmmmnnnnn...

      A Spikowski. See Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Popular and a focal point of the film, despite being a character that didn't do much more than f*** with the d***ish teacher and smoke a lot of weed.

      Maybe he's peaking at the moment. You're just there to witness it.

      Whatever his deal is, though, it doesn't have to be part of yours.

      If you end up with him again, at least work out some version of monogamy you can deal with.

    • Good for you. Especially if he's not the dad.

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  • So are you actually dating someone right now? You need to know that he is already in a relationship, and you can't get him out of his relationship, short of making him cheat.

    It is natural for you to have lingering feelings for him. But you have to let them go, because you already broke up. I know you're hurt, but it's the best thing for you right now, because he is already in a relationship. So don't make it difficult for him, okay.

    • I'm tring to let him go but then as soon as I start to forget about him then he texts me and I end up right back where I was. I do truly want him to be happy and if it's not with me fine. I have been on a few dates but nothing serious. I do still love him we have been dating off and on for two years and he is the only guy I've brought around me kids. I just don't know what to do.

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    • No wonder he is angry. If he offers to watch the kids, but then you don't let him bring his girlfriend, how is that going to work? He offered to do something for you, so I don't see why you can't let him bring his girlfriend? By him bringing his girlfriend, he asserts that he isn't cheating or doesn't have any thought of cheating, and you two don't have to never see each other again or anything.

      What are your reasons for not letting her come over?

    • Forgive him. He needs help and is really confused. This is what happens to cheaters. Nobody will care for them eventually, especially if both parties know about it. See what happens. At least he finally told the truth.

  • if you guys are still hooking up, and you're both seeing other people, it's not fair what you're doing to the other people. Just sayin'

    • We did hook up twice since we split up four months ago but not since he started seeing his new girl friend.

  • In my case the ex would be a girl of course and I'd be happy to know she won't come back (she'd be my ex for some reason!)


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  • i would not want my kids around a couple of love birds,its not appropriate,its for the kids safety,if he can't do it without her than find someone else.I wouldn't want to see my ex with someone else until I'm totally over seems like he is rubbing her in your face...hes a jerk

    • ya, I agree I'm going to tell him that he can come watch them but she can't come. It would just be to ackward for everyone including the kids. They will be all confused like wait you used to live with us and now your with this girl and I don't want them to find men later in life that just bounce from girl to girl like that. Even though they understand were just friends now, I don't know think its better for her to not come.

    • good thinking, and kids aren't dumb, they know it hurts u

  • well that's nice of him to offer to help you out with your kids. that says a lot about things. and I know it must hurt knowing he has a girlfriend and for him to ask if she can come along while taking care of your kids means he wants to keep things honest and open about you and him. but it's ultimately up to you if you're comfortable with this person coming over and spending time with you children. I suppose the question will be how she is going to feel about your ongoing friendship between you and him. hang in there and let him help ok? you obviously have a meaningful past together that he's not about to let go inspite of having a new girlfriend. and who knows how long they're going to be together too right? take care

    • Thank you that makes me feel ten times better about this.

    • you're welcome!

    • no this has nothing to do with the kids and you already made it clear no girlfriends around the kids. just clarify his behavior and that you don't want what he's doing to have any bad influence on the children. hope this helps.

  • head games

    • I guess lol

    • im happy you got rid of him..u don't need the you can focus on your kids and one day your man will come along and you will wonder what you ever saw in the ex

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