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So yeah, this is a pretty long story, when I went to college I met this guy I clicked on with straight away. We would talk non stop(both hang out and text), he'd walk me home, ditch his friends for me... so all of our mates were like "oh yeah there's so something between yous) and we would deny it but we'd flirt for ages, then one day he told me he kinda likes me so I said I do too cause I did. The next day he was walking me home again and kissed me and I kissed him back... From then on we've been going cinema, going over to each others' houses... He told me he really likes me and I said I do too, after a few months it kinda happened and I lost my v to him which I don't regret cause I trusted him and I felt he was the right guy... From then on we've still been meeting up outside of college and yeah well you can get the idea. About 2 weeks ago he told me he loves me and I was te happiest peraon ever cause I know I love him too and I told him.The thing is, when we're in college we still act as if nothing is going on between us even though there is and the thing is there are a lot of girls I know who find him attractive and they're all friends. I don't mind that cause I'm friends with a lot guys too. Because he's really clever he's helping one of those girls with revision... And cause of that all out friends see them in the library together all the time so they're spreading rumours they're going out. He always denies it and he actually told me about his mate saying that before and we laughed it off... I know I sound stupid but because I know w're not together I can't expect anything from him an I he wanted he could go off with those girls and I don't have the right to be mad at him... But I just wanted to know your opinion guys, do you think there's a point in this? I really do have feelings for him and he says he does too but do you think he means it? I'm just really confused :s


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