Should I pursue her or not?

I went on a school trip to perform in a drama festival and I met this girl there, we met in a workshop and had a really great time working together and after the workshop was over we had to go to a lecture down the road. on the way there we started issuing and decided to blow off the lecture and went on an impromptu date, the date was really nice and we found out we had a lot in common like our favorite films and music, she told me I was great and we swapped numbers. I managed to see her briefly the next day and we arranged to meet up after I did my last show but she was in her hotel room with her school and it was past midnight when I got there so the doorman wouldn't let me in. I called her and she went to her window; I stood in the freezing cold chatting to her for about an hour and I could tell she had been caught of guard by this gesture (some serious Romeo and Juliet sh*t) I asked her what she saw us as and at first she said friend, then she said "friend I wanna have sex with" we both laughed but she then said that I shouldn't bother with her cause she wasn't girlfriend material, I decided not to press the issue for now so we said goodnight and I went back to my hotel. The next day we arranged to meet up for lunch and we had a nice lunch together, then I was told by a classmate that we had a very important, compulsory singing workshop to go to. I decided to skip the workshop and be damned the consequences so I could spend time with her. We went back to her Hotel room and had sex, the sex was great, I won't go into detail but it was fantastic and after we had a really great time just messing around listening to music and chatting. then we both had to leave cause we both had commitments to our schools so we kissed goodbye and that's the last time I saw her cause she left the next day while I had to stay. We're still in contact through text messages and Facebook messages; we get on great and chat often, even chatting and making jokes about our sex; I really like her but she lives a two hour train ride away, and I can't tell if it's worth taking a shot if she isn't interested but the way she said "i'm not girlfriend material" suggested the reason was something else, what did she mean by it and what should I do now?
Just noticed that my spell check wrote issuing instead of kissing


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  • It must mean that she's really insecure about committing to you.

    Press that.


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