Guys pretty please tell me why do yall let females move into your home?

why do you let females move into your home? that is called dependent females you know. some of these girls is not even 21 but you are above their age levels and you move them in. its OK to have a girlfriend who has a car and a job or maybe even school also. but why fool with females who sit at home? and wait on a check once a month, and you have to tell her to move her ass around and you have to help her get her stuff together also? some females get jobs and can't even work the hours they can work to make more money,instead they ask for cut hours so they can sit at home all day while you go out and make money. what really makes me mad is when you become her boyfriend she calls everything stupid just to impress you knowingly if you was not with her she would do the things she called stupid today. why do you guys let females move into your home I thought the proper way was to move in the girls house? you people are switching love up. why do yall fool with girls like this?


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  • Some guys ENJOY having a woman dependent on them. Not every Man and woman is the same. Not every man and woman has the same preferences.

    Some men may like to have a woman dependent on him so that he can control her and possibly even abuse her.

    Some men may like to have a woman dependent on him so that he can spoil her rotten.

    Some men may like to have a woman dependent on him so that he can show her how much he cares for her and how much he's willing to give her.

    All of these reasons can be because of a certain fetish or a personal belief. Either way, If you're an independent woman, you shouldn't care about what THESE men do, because they obviously aren't the type for you.


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