GUYS or girls: Would you understand my story if you were my boyfriend?

I'm basically wondering if I should tell my boyfriend about this. I'm sure he thinks I am a lot more experienced than I am, a lot more. I feel like I need to be honest and tell him I've never had a real kiss.

-Freshman year I had a lot to deal with, guys weren't even on my radar until I met my ex that summer.

-We were great friends, then he went off to Hawaii for college, and for some dumb reason, because we both realized we really liked each other we decided to date.

-He stayed there all school year, but failed a couple of his classes. He was able to make them up that summer, and basically needed to. They let him do it for less. He didn't get home until August and after a couple weeks I was like "why won't you kiss me already." He forcefully kissed me for a few seconds then cussed me out.

- After that he confessed he had cheated on me and had felt too guilty to even touch me...

- My boyfriend knows I've dated a couple guys since then, and my relationships last a couple weeks, but he doesn't know I haven't kissed any of them, I'm 17.

Basically I'm freaking out because he isn't a virgin and he just found out I am. Should I even tell him I haven't been kissed?


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  • It doesn't matter he'd probably kiss you then take your virginity in the same night... if he was me lol

    • He got pissed when he found out I was a virgin...

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    • WOW if its over cause you didn't have sex he's not right for you lots of guys would wait

    • I texted him "call?" and he hasn't... I told him I trusted him more than most too... I'm glad I didn't give it up to him, I mean this makes it obvious that he wasn't in it for the right reasons..

  • You should just tell him the truth.

    It will not make him leave you.

    • But last night he invited me over this weekend to have sex... When I told him I didn't do that he was like "Wtf why didn't you ask if I did before we went out." I asked why he hadn't asked me, he said, "Bc you're 17, I thought you would have lost it by now." I said sorry to disappoint, his response "Smh" then I went off because I apologized a few times for not telling him and he was just making me feel bad. His phone had died and he just texted me "chill, I'm just upset" Still think I should?

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