Guys, am I too picky?

Never had a boyfriend.

I'm not talking about "standards" here, because no one is out of anyone's league - as long as two people are in mutual like, they can be together.

The problem might be that I'm too picky and specific in what I like.. so have a look at this, maybe it's just unrealistic:

- 5"5 or taller

- Slender build, slightly muscular (I'm slender/a bit muscular too)

- Dark hair

- Someone who's laid back and tolerant, not controlling

- Someone who's smart (or smarter than I am)

- No more than one year younger

And of course they have to like me too. I don't look exactly like other girls, I wear what I like.. I don't have huge boobs - I have really small ones - but I have a fit figure with long legs and a proportionate butt. I'm a bit shy sometimes.


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  • I suspect 'shy' is your main problem.


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What Guys Said 3

  • You can never be toko picky. You're allowed to like what you like, as long as you're not an a$$hole about it and don't try to hurt people who aren't what you like. But, everyone is allowed preferences.

  • Most guys are taller than 5'5. Guys who are in good shape, smart and understanding as you outline, are less common than they should be, but still plenty of guys out there. It's also reasonable you would want a guy your age.

    The hair thing maybe. Would you go for a guy with blond hair who meets all of your other requirements?

    Overall, your standards are pretty normal and attainable.

    • Well I don't like short blond hair.. but it's just a general preference. Dark hair is mostly what I'm attracted to.

      Maybe it's not my pickiness, but the fact that I'm super thin and there are only a few guys that like that? I don't have much of a chest, though I do have a small waist

    • i like all body types, thin, curvy. women put too much emphasis on their chest, just like men do of their penis.

  • You are aware that a grand majority of the population fits your "picky" requirements?

    I'm mad. I want a refund of my time.

    • lol hahah okay well at least I know the problem might lie somewhere else :P

What Girls Said 2

  • I'm way more picky than you and I found a guy who fit everything I was looking for. I don't think you're picky at all. I have met hundreds of guys who fit your list. They're everywhere. I mean, none in my hometown or anything, but in the surrounding area, sure. My hometown for some reason is dominated by 6'5 blond haired, blue eyed guys and the town five miles away for some reason is full of guys that are 5'0-5'10 and are all dark and basically fit your list. I have no idea why that is.

  • you don't seem picky at all!


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