So we're spending a lot of time together....

He's 3 years older than me but we're in the same college.

before spring break, we started to study together and really connected as friends. Over the break when we were back in our own countries, we still regularly kept in touch. He makes an effort to keep in touch and text, just to see how I'm doing as well.

Now that we're back in college (he got back after me),

1. he texted me the last evening telling me that he's back on campus :). We met up and went for a walk at night, which he planned and initiated

2. today, he asked me to accompany him on some errands and actually walked over, and stood outside my dorm to wait for me so that we could walk together

3. Right after, he made a last minute plan to study together (even though we had no subjects in common), though he had to leave for an hour in between for some work. BUT he asked me if I wanted to meet him again in the evening to study. I said no because I had work, and he seemed to be a bit pissed off...

We're now meeting (again) tomorrow morning.

We really enjoy each others' company, and we do flirt with/tease each other and talk about anything and everything. We're really comfortable with each other, overall.

Could our relationship go go further, or does he just consider me to be a good friend to hang out with?


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  • Your relationship has still the potential to go further.

    Spend more time with him.


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