If a woman loves you, will she come back?

me and my childhood sweetheart broke up, then recently got back together. But now she hates me again cause she found a girls number in my phone , this to me means nothing my girlfriend was everything to me . we was gonna get married I love this woman to piece and I don't know what to do she does want to see me again and with got kids


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  • she lost trust so now you need to figure out how to regain it.The phone number in your phone means you were interested enough to get her digits,thats disrespectful really.Old female friends is one thing,but there's no need to make new friends when you have a girlfriend already..i would be a little upset too especially if you didn't mention it...like you hid it from her.

    • we spoke briefly she said she will never be with me or see her again and that she is changing her number she says I can arrange contact though your mum I really love her don't know what to do I know this other guy is wormimg his way in

    • im sorry,just let her go for now,maybe she will miss you enough to come back

    • all this started early last year, I believe we were happy just had a daugther we all ready had two sons. I done a lot look after my little girl everyday collected sons from school cooked cleaned she would tell me how much she loved me and how I meant so much. But deep down I believed something was wrong as she would hide things from me. This one time I ask if I could use her laptop to look and apply for work, she got all upset like there was something she didn't want me to see anyway she went to

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  • I agree, she'll come back. I'm sure you weren't trying to hide the girl's number from her, but why did you have it in the first place? Would you be mad if she got a guy's number? Just give her a couple of days without contact and she'll wonder where YOU are.

    • what should I do she has vanished with my kids she says I will never she her again

    • People speak involuntary things when they are upset. And if she vanishes without a trace, then that is kidnapping which obviously is illegal. Have you called her yet or texted? Because if you have and she didn't answer back, then I would begin searching for her. I would also invite some trustees into this problem, because this is an issue that needs to be dealt with. It isn't about her anymore, it's about your kids. They need you and you need to take care of them.

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  • She will come back.

    • i hope so, I love her like crazy I've loved her my whole life. I admit I've hurt her I the past but she forgave me.One of the reasons we broke up the first time is because I hurt her I hold my hands up but I thought there was some one else in the picture, it broke my heart when I found out she says nothing happened there just friends then once she admitted she loved this guy then said she didn't say that its crazy I love her we have been together 16years now she's gone and I don't know where she is

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