I really want to talk to him, but I feel like I'm always the one starting conversations.

Whenever I start a conversation on Facebook, he'll continue it and we'll chat for about an hour at a time.

He normally asks me out to breakfast or dinner (just at the main university dining hall) but I'm assuming that he's just being friendly?

We're both on Easter break now and he said 'I'll see you in 2 weeks'.

I sometimes see him online on Facebook and I really want to chat with him but then again, if a guy doesn't initiate a conversation I'm assuming that he isn't into you?

Main question is: should I start yet another conversation or just wait till Easter break is over


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  • I guy won't always initiative conversation with a girl he's into. And just because he DOES initiative conversation doesn't mean he IS into the girl.

    Plus I've asked a lot of girls out to meals as friends (the friendships were already established...not sure what how you guys are exactly), it's not a big deal to some guys. Some of us don't think twice about when we ask girls out to grab a bite as friends and if it sends mixed messages. We assume the girl thinks of us as just friends as well. Granted, age/maturity/experience may make a difference in how things are interpreted and understood.

    As for the conversations, I don't see how it'd hurt or help really over the break. Just ask him "how's your break going" seems simple enough to at least keep you in his head, but it's not too overbearing to where he may be turned off.


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  • Just wait a while and see what happens.

  • Simply keep talking to him.

    If you stop, he'll get the hint that you're getting uninterested.


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  • I think he just wants to be friends with you if he wanted to see you and talk to you each day then he would make more of an effort to do so. You should put him as friends and nothing more.


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