How come they 'always' regret after break up?

So I had several girlfriends and they all something in common. They are the one making the decision to break up with me. I, for a strange reason is very acceptance with the fact that they no longer are intrested in me and of course, who would like to be with someone who might finde you repulsive. I just go away and finde something else to do.

It can go months, or years, they regret. It's like if they coulden't ever live with the decision. One of them even whanted to have babys with me, but at the time I was already in another relationship and just being busy. No longer able to feel what I once did.



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  • People tend to want what they can't have. When you don't chase after them, it makes them want you more. Usually, the opposite occurs. The person they broke up with usually begs and pleads to take them back and when you don't exhibit that behavior, it is something out of the norm which sparks.curiosity and desire.


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  • girls make choices on emotions on the spur of the moment rather than the overall feelings over time.

    emotions change a lot which means at the time they may not have wanted you but they realize afterward that they were happy with you in the long term and that they have made a mistake.

    hind sight is a nice thing to have but it doesn't help you does it lol

  • Cause you put time and emotional energy into a relationship and it becomes a waste of time making you regret wasting all that time

    • wow, a very sharp answer!

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    • wow, that is a waste of time, dauym! tell him to not talk about ut anymore becouse THAT is also a waste of time

    • HAha lol

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