He said he likes me, but haven't talked since? Please help!

him- "i'm pretty tired, but I'm guessing that's a lyric"

me- "no idiot, it's a command. sort of a lyric if you like michael jackson."

him- "not as well as I should. so what's the nature of the command?"

me-"ugh... I like you! do something about it!"

he called me 5 minutes later and said that he liked me too,more than a friend and he wanted to work something out, but not now when I'm drunk and he's tired, but in a few hours. and I told him I don't usually do this blah blah blah and he was like are you drunk and I told him I was very hammered, so he'd let me get back to my party I was at, and I told him to sleep well and I'd text him. and we talked the next day.

him- "so where'd last night come from"

me- "a bunch of liquid confidence, but I wasn't lying. I just never said anything before because I wasn't sure or anything"

him- "nice, I kinda figured there was a little of that good stuff involved"

me- "yeah. sorry I woke you up"

him- I do like you though. It's not often I get to know a girl that's not only stunning, but truly interesting." 3 minutes ago Report

Update: him- "but how do you feel? you know, without any of that strong stuff in you?"

me- ":) I feel the same way. I just feel like you're a pretty good guy who is real and quite a looker too."

him- "haha well thank you! we'll definitely need to get together next chance we get. I'll be heading back home after the summer ends. what about you?"

Then he called me and we talked about our summer schedules. And it's been over a week and we Haven't spoken much. I've started conversations twice with him, and they go well for a while, but then he just stops responding. What gives?


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  • Prob nothing. but he might be like shy and feel like he made the wrong choie. You should do some suttle flurt (does not have to be much but just get your point out) It could also be lie a broken phone because just today I was susspened on a cat walk 30 feet up in the air working on lighting equipment and my phone droped out of my pants on to this hard to get like dropdown seeling and I don't think I'm going to get it back for a while. I wold not fret over it Just mostly wait and try to text him one or twice a day


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  • If I had to guess, I'd say nothing gives. Its an awkward situation, I would say. I mean after all, you discovered each others' feelings while drunk.

    I would say just give it time and stay in touch with him. Whenever summer rolls around, make a date. Although, if you're liking this guy long term, you may want to think beyond summer. But over all, I wouldn't think much of his lack of responses. Its when he's not responding at all that you need to be worried.


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  • Either he's lost interest, or he's confused about what he's supposed to do now. Wait till you meet him face to face, you'll be able to better judge the situation. Good luck!


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