Why would he call me special?

We talk about almost anything...after I tell him stupid stuff I go "I'm weird I know" & he ALWAYS replies with "you're special lol" One time I shot back "yeah special needs" & he goes "exactly jk jk jk lol" I was like gee thanks! Then he replies "I was joking chill out! you are special!" We both remember little things that we joke about too...even if it's been a few months. If one of us brings it up, we chuckle and are surprised that t he other remembered.

We started talking last September. We'd chat about anything...cars, farming, mudding ,movies, ect. We tease each other. I called him youngin once and he retorted by calling me gramma. I told him how I bust tail at work and he goes Nice work Patterson.

We stopped chatting for about a month in a half near Christmas...then started again. About 2 months after starting the "second round," I brought up youngin again and he says "thanks gramma" I was surprised he remembered. Then he said something & I said "nice work Patterson" and he was surprised that I remembered. Couple weeks later, we were chatting again & I go "Medal of Honor right there!" Then he goes "That's a video game!" Then I go "So's Patterson!" He goes "lol you remember!"

He's a friend. I wouldn't mind if we got together, but we are friends! It's NOT FWB...neither of us are like that. I'M not at least. He says he doesn't force girls around...I tend to steer clear from that sort of thing...very self conscious/shy

I know it's very broad...but any reasons why a guy would call a girl special?


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  • ...I think the REAL question you're wondering is "does he like me?". To which the answer is: maybe. The only way to find out: ask him out!

    Seriously, stop beating yourself about such silly stupid things if you like him. Just ask him out!


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  • Because he really likes her, maybe?


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  • It seems that the two of you are comfortable around each other and there's some flirtatious teasing going on so I think he might be interested in you.


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