what do i do how do i fix things with my boyfriend? help

been with my bfwe been through a lot togther and I am waiteing to hear a date of court about my bro sexual abuseing me for a numberof years and I have not put my all in the realtionship because of stress and it has lead to a lot of arguments over that . And it has let time him saying my time has ran out ? we never went out much toghther because of money etc and he said he can't take me anyway and out of angry I said you would only inbrces me anyway and he fliped and said just look at you . things were amazing when we frist got toghter I moved in and everythink was perfect and then he wanted to do the flat up and tould me to move back to my perants where the abused took places and still wanted me to buy the food shopping is it run and how do I fixed this ?


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  • Your relationship is already ruined.

    Find a better guy.


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