Is he interested, even the slightest, or WTF?

Soooo, met this guy at the bar (re-met actually) the other night. He gave me his business card and wrote his cell number on the back of it for me and winked as he handed it to me. He also gave my sis the same business card, minus his cell # on the back. We hung out the entire night and danced together. Later, we went for a walk (held and linked hands) and talked for a bit. I helped him locate his drunken/passed out friend in his car and we both went home/separate ways. I texted him that night saying I got home safe, because he hold me to, but he never replied and he didn't the next day. I got a text from him a few days later saying, "what's up" but no reply when I responded. I decided to give texting him another go this weekend and he actually held a texting convo before just stopping and I haven't heard from him since. He did ask me to FB friend request him and he accepted it today. Why does he seem interested, but majorly suck at texting/initating convo with me? Wanted to hang with the guy, but damn...not so sure anymore. Thanks, guys!
I've just heard word that he hasn't had his phone for 3 days now


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  • Welcome to the world of casual bar flings


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  • He sounds like a flake. It's probably best if you move on.

    • damn. I'm always attracting flakes.

    • Me too. There are a lot of them out there, unfortunately.

  • Well, he might be getting scared and afraid to simply call you. Were you all drinking when you hung out? He mightve been full of liquid confidence then

    • Well, guess he was pretty drunk but he didn't seem too drunk to me when we were hanging out (I had some alcohol in me too though so yeah ha)

    • well let that be a lesson to you! >:O don't jump to conclusions!

  • It seems that he's really interested though it must be that he's just busy.

  • Yeah form this it seems he was looking for an easy lay, you must have been too much trouble for him. Ignore, move on.


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