Pretty much spent the weekend together, is she into me?

So this girl is the friend of my best friend's girlfriend. I've hung out with her before, but just recently developed a liking to her. We hung out as a group about a week ago and I flirted with her a bit. Made a sarcastic joke about her not looking good and was kind of negging her the entire night. She was playing along and even gave me some sass back (which I like) but at the end of the night after we'd all parted ways, I sent her a message saying I was just kidding about the stuff I said. She said she knew and we started chatting.

For like a week we were messaging back and forth and then this past weekend we all hung out again, which my friend set up because I told him I liked this girl (he's a true bro). So we all went bowling one night, and me and the girl talked some, kind of poked fun at each other and flirted.

The next night, Saturday, we all hung out again. Went out on the town as a group, had some drinks, hit up the bar. Now, I'm not much of a dancer, but there was dancing at this one bar. So the girl and her friend went out onto the floor to dance and I just kinda stood there people watching. Then she pulled me out on the floor and we danced/grinded for like 20 mins. afterward, we all went to another room and she went to the bathroom. Her friend came up to me and said "was that okay? she asked me if she should dance with you." I told her it was more than okay.

So we all went back to my friends apartment after the bar closed and spent the night there. Him and his girlfriend slept in their room and me and the girl I like slept on the couch together. Now, all we did was sleep, at separate ends of the couch. She got a little to drunk and passed out pretty fast and I'm not the type to take advantage of that.

In the morning, her and I woke up about the same time and ended up just talking for two hours before we woke the others up to get breakfast.

I got her phone number and we've texted back and forth a bit. She mentioned she was going hiking and I said we should go sometime. Her response was "Yes, agreed!" I also beat her at chess one of the first times we hung out and she has been asking for a rematch ever since, which might be an in to get her alone, cause I've never hung out with her 1-on-1.

Basically, I'm not sure if she is looking at this as a "just friends" situation. The way we were dancing I'd say she thinks it's more than that, but I'm nervous that she 1) just wanted someone to dance with, and 2) is just "being nice" as girls often do. Any thoughts or advice?


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  • Yes it's clear she is into you. Ask her out while she's still enthusiast about hanging out with you.

    • I asked her if she would be interested in going to dinner sometime (to a hibachi grill) and she said "yeah, maybe we could all go" as in all of us as a group, not just me and her. Guess she's not that into me? Or could it be complicated than that?

    • No its not a bad sign. She probably just said that because she's the friend of your friend's girlfriend so its like a group date.

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  • My advice: Ask her out on a one-on-one real date that non-ambiguously says "I like you, I'd like to know if the feeling is mutual". Stop worrying too much about what might be going on inside her head. You're not sure if she's after a "just friends" situation? Totally irrelevant. You're a Man who is not afraid to unapologetically take what He wants; leave the drama to her.

    Good luck, bro.

  • She obviously likes you at the very least as a friend. I am not the best at understanding women logic but from the looks of it she definitely has a thing for you. If she is looking for her friends approval when she asked you to dance, that is a definite sign she likes you, or else she wouldn't care what her friend thought, let alone dance with you. It already kind of sounds like you guys are dating it just hasn't been made official.

  • It seems that she really likes spending time with you.

    Good sign.


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