How to get an ex boyfriend back?

so my ex broke up with me over a month ago because he wasn't ready for a serious relationship but still liked me. since then after minimal contact he started being super friendly and initating contact with me. I still like him a lot and I want to start a new relationship with him but go slower. How do I go about doing this? He thinks I have already moved on because I'm going with a guy to prom that he thinks I like. But I Haven't and just want him back. Asking his friends won't help because he tells people different things. How do I show him I'm still interested and start progressing our relationship so he doesn't just start to see us as friends?


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  • Have you tired flirting around him? Or being touchy talking about the old times when you were a couple or even asking for his jacket the old flirt tips lol I understand what your going through I had the same problem but some guys take forever to get the hint ha maybe you could also try asking him questions like do you ever think about when we used to be together? or do you miss going out? maybe it would give him the hint and you could also see what his response is


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