How can I move out soon?

Okay, so I live with my Grandmother and I am trying to hurry and move out. She is not good at parenting. That's all I will say. So anyways, I am trying to find a way to move out? I am a minor. My mom just got out of jail and the court of law said that if I were to live with her again, since I've already been in foster care, if she were to get into trouble, we would go back permantly this time. I am old enough to decide if I want to but she doesn't have everything together for me to live with her. My best friend has her own house and I could live with her and nothing to worry about. But I would still attend school. Is there anyway I could move out soon? How much would an emancipation cost?


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  • The only way I know how to do it is get empancipated and I have no idea if it costs anything.

    • Someone told me that it costs but how much? and I would have to prove that I can live on MY own and I can't do that. My friend wants me to move in with her since she has her own house.

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