Why do guys go back to girls after a break up?

What makes you want to get back together with someone after having no contact with them or just breaking up ?

I mean I have heard of people contacting their ex's 6-12 months or up to 2 years later wanting to get back together...don't understand why someone would wait that long to decide to get back together with an ex or what decide they finally miss them?


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  • Lucy(?)

    With a 6-24 month time lapse, there are reasons, none of them including,

    "Gee, I really thought about us, and we should get back together."

    More like:

    * "Between" girlfriends;

    * Rejection;

    * After a while, people remember the good times.

    * Great sex.


    • Well I am not saying that I have not heard of the can't get anyone else, or the sex thing...I was more interested in how serious someone was if they did come back or was it just for the sex?

      It's like you are opening an old wound...to me...why if you decided to leave just stay away..I would not be so keen to take that person back because I would have moved on 2 years.

      I don't want to live for my past, I would want to remember the good times, but would hope I would remember why he dumped me.

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    • Why did you wait so long?

      I love my guy and it is a shame he will not talk to me. Nearly 3 months later I still long for him to come back and talk to me. I will move on and cherish what we had.

    • I used the time frame as an example.

      I broke up with Inge. I've never recovered emotionally. I think of her at least daily, and it's been that way since the day I failed her.

      I've had 3 marriages; the hurt never goes away.

      As part of the cleansing process, I wrote it all out. An e-mail address gets you the paper.

      I'm (gasp!) stercor@gmail.com

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