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Long story short, my ex boyfriend and I split up one year ago. He got a new girlfriend for 10 months then they split up. He contacted me and told me he wants us to try again. We date for a few weeks things happened (you know) then he told me he is in love with his ex and he is now dating her. I'm heart broken I text him saying that I'm hurt by what's happened, he takes me for granted. He replied I'm sorry. What should I do?


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  • Some guys do not know what they want or what they had having to many ooptions makes it harder. He had a chance with you then her then you now her that's two with both of you.

    forget him if he comunicates with you and asks what's going on say you had your chance twice. don't look her.

    Then find someone better it shouldn't be too hard to do. Live near oregon or idaho by chance ;)

  • Forget that jerk. He basically wants you to stay single to be convenient for him when things get rough with the other girl. Ditch him and find someone worth your time


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