He didn't reply -- is he a jerk?

My ex and I sort of rekindled things about two months ago. Was good for a little while then he went out of the country for two weeks, came back, had some life issues come up and started pulling away.

We had a convo a week ago where he admitted he knew he was pulling back because he was overwhelmed and that he cared about me and wasn't trying to push me away but pretty much couldn't help it. He said he needed to deal with his life and then he could think about us.

I told him I understood but that I needed some kind of communication to keep this thing going. We left that convo on good terms but then I didn't hear from him for more than a week.

I had enough, sent him a text last night telling him I needed more than what he seemed capable of giving me at this point and that I couldn't be in a "hook-up" situation (which is what this was starting to feel like). I wished him the best and said I would still be there for him as a friend. He has not replied.

My best guy friend says the ex is a jerk and his lack of reply goes to show that he cares very little for me. I have closed the door on the relationship, for now -- I have decided I can only have a relationship with him in the future if he is all in. But boy does it sting to think I meant so little that he can't even be bothered to reply.

Is that everyone's take on why he is not replying?


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  • It sound like he is stuck and can not move forward it is not uncommon for people to react in this way when a life crises hits and yes it would be hard to feel at the centre of his attention, I feel your text may have pushed him further away a better response may have been just to say that your just checking in to see how he was and to give him more time for him to work things through. life crises don't run to a time frame and how people respond can be out of character or cause them to retreat.

    For him not to reply is not good communication on his behalf and in that he is a jerk but show me a guy that hasn't been one lol and it is also a sign of him retreating... we all need a little grace from time to time and maybe that's what he needs now.

    It makes me wonder what's really going on for him and that would be my concern as a friend, I do feel for you as it seems flat out rejection but I wouldn't take it personally I know that's hard but maybe this is a time when it's not about

    you but about a guy struggling to come to terms with what life has thrown in his direction and lets face it us guys always really struggle to ask for help.


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  • You know, I assume the same thing whenever I try to send a message to the girl and I know she read it but won't bother replying to it. Usually I'm right. Then I juts block them from my life and know they're just a selfish, shallow bitch.

    It's definitely a d*** move for him not to respond. It would only take five seconds of his time and if he can't give that to you, he's being an ass and you need to move on.

  • I'm a jerk too . And I don't replay ! It's hair us . Go find Mr nice guy lol


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