My Ex is still in my life.

My Ex is still in my life. He broke up with me on Feb. Says he can't have a serious relationship with me because he's too busy with work and school. Apart from that, plans on leaving to L.A. after finishing his B.A.

Pretty much encouraged me to see other people... yet got mad at me when he saw me with someone else on St. Patricks Day... a month passes by and he wants to talk to me and see me again.

Wanting to know if I've been having sex with other people ever since he broke up with me... I lied..said NO.

Why is he asking me this? Why does it matter to him?


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  • I agree with everyone on here, and it wasn't fair to you that he got mad seeing you with someone else, after he gave you approval on doing just that. Since he broke up with you, because he can't manage his time accurately, then that's his problem he's jealous over you now. You know, I have 2 kids and a husband, I am in school and I was working full time. I clean the house, run errands, go to my appointments, do fun things with my family and I get it all done in a day. And then I do all again the next day and have been for years. So, if he can't handle YOU? psh...enjoy your new boyfriend who has time for you :)


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  • He's still into you, and just want a break.

    Wrong move by him.

    You should just follow what you feel will make you happy.


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  • He didn't break up with you because he stopped loving you, he broke up with you because he can't devide his time equally between you and his work and school. So one of them had to be left out. I guess he still has feelings for you, despite him being the one who broke up with you.


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