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So I went to this family thing (my step dads family) but they're like blood family. My cousin brought his 2 friends that apparently grew up with the family but I've never noticed them before or they weren't around when I was well one of them caught my attention. We talked a bit and there was alcohol there so he was drinking cause he's of age, he knew I was 16 cause he asked. He got a little tipsy and we slow danced together and we would have to talk literally talk into each others ears then he put his forehead to mine it was nice but I pulled away a bit because I didn't want us getting in trouble because my brother and step dad were there. When we finished we sat down and kept talking. Later on he was drunk to a point we're he couldn't walk to well and sat beside me to talk again at a back table where we were alone and he took my hand and said "can I have your number?" and I said "honey you have a girlfriend" and he said they broke up a couple of days, he then took my other one (not complaining it was really nice) I said "but I'm only 16 and you're 21" I didn't want him getting in trouble with anyone and he took a minute and just shook his head agreeing with me. The next morning my brother said "did you give *name* your number?" in a joking voice and I said no I thought you'd kick his ass if I did and he just walked away... I didn't tell anyone that. I really kind of did want to but I didn't because he was drunk and I didn't think he'd remember, he was a huge sweet heart and really cute ... Do you think he was just drunk? Did I lead him on? What should I do if I see him again (I know I will)


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  • You didn't lead him on.

    You just did the right thing of drawing the line between the two of you.


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  • You will get him in trouble. Don't worry, it's not going to be your fault, it's going to be his. I just hope he will be responsible enough to know where he's getting into and assume full responsibility for the consequences of his decisions.

    • If I did the right thing why does it feel like I didn't?

    • Because the right thing is not the natural thing.

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  • He was drunk but he knew what he was doing. You did good by not giving him your number.


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