Have you ever broken up with an ex because you genuinely thought you would be too busy for a relationship?

Have you? Or do you think it's a legitimate reason?

This is geared towards younger relationships, like in college and things like that. It could apply to older relationships but that's when you're looking for "the one" so you're less likely to break up for a reason like this.

You thought it would be the best for both of you because you would be really, really busy and wouldn't be able to spend much time with your significant other, and you didn't want to hold them back. You still love them but it's not like you were going to get married so it's better to break things up now before things get tough?

I'm not going through a breakup but I'm genuinely curious after reading some of the questions.


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  • It just happened between me and my girlfriend... She broke up with me because I was so focused on college and plus I play the keyboard for my church and I work part time, In addition she works a full time job, it truly hurts me because I felt like she was my soul-mate, we were already planning our future wedding, I even asked could we retry the relationship again but she said that she needed someone to always be there for her and attentive to her emotional needs.

    Now that were are apart I realize that women constantly need attention and affection. So if I get in a new relationship I know what I need to be more attentive to her emotional, physical and mental needs, Yes I miss her and want her back in my life, but I just want her to be happy, if you really love something you let it go, and if its meant to be they will return. But the bright side is I'm more focus on the things I love which eases the pain.


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  • That's one of the all time weakest cop-outs, when people don't understand or don't want to discuss why they are breaking up!

    Absolutely NO ONE ever breaks up because they are 'busy.' No amount of time pressure makes you stop liking someone!

  • If I really cared for someone I would find the time for her. No questions about it. I would tell her that I will be super busy & the reasons why & try to make what time I can for her. Then I would let her make her own decision & respect what-ever it is she decides.

    Just being too busy is an excuse for not really being into it.

    I have walked away from someone I really cared for before because I genuinely thought she would be better off with someone else, but it had nothing to do with not having enough time for her.

  • That's a lame reason.

    If one says that, it just mean that he/she is not into you and just want to get out of the relationship.


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