What to do if your ex girlfriend broke up with you?

Me and my girlfriend has been dating for nine amazing months but untill we had a bad argument where I broke the most important promise of our relationship say I don't care which broke her heart I didn't realized what I was doing untill later that night I realized what I did. I texted her that same night saying I'm sorry for everything I said and later in the morning we made up but I knew our relationship is starting to fall a week later but later in the week we fought 4 more times over stupid things like how the first one that broke her heart. The final horrible fight we had ruin our entire relationship I regretted that entire week. She started liking someone else because he was there for her when this happen. My anger and jealously got the best of me and I ruin my happiness my one and only happiness. I'm so depressed that I even begged my girlfriend back but she said no. She told me she still loves me but it doesn't feel the same. We are friends now but I still want her back. I have so much feelings for her. I need help please help!
Never I'm done with her I have move on with my life she already kisss a guy after only been broken up for a week so I'm done with her completely


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  • how can she talk to another guy so soon if yall really care for each other?

    • Becuase she said he was there for her

  • You shouldn't beg her back.

    It's not all over.

    It's not worth going back because even if you do, you'll have another at least 4 fights each week.

    • it was the first time we fought that much

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