Is this a nice/cold reaction or he just simply not interest

Me and this guy were kinda flirt for months, but it's more like a distant thing. This past week we met again and I stayed for a week. Usually in the past time he would sit next to me, standing not far away, and all those body language that shows interest and all. This time I noticed that during time with lots of friends he didn't show any signals that he wants to be close to me or attracted to me, though I caught him stare at me several times. But once we watched movie together in my room and he sublty wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer to him, occasionally pressed his head close to mine and all. but once the movie's over he was like "good night" and left. Next day, same cold reaction. He doesn't show his interest publicly, the most is put his legs over mine when we sat with all our friends or wrapped his arms around my shoulder for 5 minutes or sth. Then he would be this cold guy I'm not used to.

So one night I decided to go talk to him. He was pretty tired and since he's that type of a guy who doesn't reveal what he thinks or speak much, I think it'd be better to talk to him when he's sleepy so I could get his 'real' truth out.

I got on his bed and lay down beside him to talk (we never have sex and we always cuddle in bed). And so he pulled me closer and started to hug me, touches/caressed my head and hair. We didn't made out but he rubbed my lower back, my thighs and put his legs over mine and tried not to let me go back to my own bed. When I insisted I have to back to bed for the 5th times he was like OK goodnight and let me go. the next day it was like nth happened and he became this cold/indifferent guy again.

For some reason this make me feels like he only attracted to my body or what?

FYI no one really knows we are attracted to each other, we never make it official ourselves and some of our friends/family might not approve our relationship.


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  • I react the same. (Most things what you've mentioned)

    I do it, because I feel comfortable to express myself in private, and not publicly. He likes you, he is definitely interested in you, just don't wanna show it. It's obvious you like it too. He doesn't want anybody to talk about "you and him" that is why he is being so conscious. And being cold in public is mostly the "shy guys" nature. Don't worry, he likes you and not your body!

    Btw, does he flirt in private? Or is he the normal guy in public and private?

    • Thanks for your answer :) For the question you asked, before he became this cold version, he was more flirty in public but had kept it subtle to me only (not letting anyone obviously see it). Other than that he is normal.

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    • Oh... thank you so much. I've never encounter a shy guy so sometimes I feel lost and confused. Your answer really really help clear things up :) I will sure keep it like this and keep him the way he is. And yes, I need to stop thinking too much! ugh, girl things :(

    • Haha. Cheers, Good luck. :)

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  • It seems that he's really into you.

    Just that he wants to be physical.


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  • He could have felt rejected.


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