I want to reconnect and restore my relationship with my ex best friend but fear is holding me back. Need help?

Ok so am very,very nervous about this .but it is something that I really want to do .i want to try and reconnect with my ex best friend.we Haven't talked in about 2 years .long story short she made some really bad assumptions about me and end the relationship that we had based off them.she never came to talk to me to see if what she believe about me was ture or not.i also had made some mistakes as well and I take full responsibility for them...I tried to talk to her on day one but she block me and she wouldn't respond to anything that I sent. I use to like her more then just a friend and I wanted to be more but .now that 2 years have gone I no longer feel that why for her.im no longer depressed about her any more .but I still miss her like crazy . I have forgiven her for all the pain that she put me through and I hope she will do the same for me .i would love to put all of this behind us so that we can start all over again..and no I do not plan to beg her to come back to me.I want to have a one on one mature adult conversation with her.

I have going over ever thought in my mind and in my hart .I want to give it one more try .I just don't know what to say to her and plus I am scared and very nervous .I am hoping for the best .but I know that ther is a chance that she might ignore me or block me again.if she does that to me then I can look back at it 20 years from now and say that I gave my all to fight for that girl.Its better then doing nothing an wishing that I did when I had the chance . luckily am keeping thoughts like that out of my head with good ones.

In closing I would like some advice on how to fight these fears that I have and also what would be a great why to start of the conversation ? Thank you.


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  • Think about it and ask yourself these questions:

    1. Why am I scared?

    2. What is the point of being scared?

    3. Do I really want to re-connect with her?

    4. Why?

    It's been 2 years, she would have changed for the good. Just strike up a casual conversation. Saying "hey :)" would be good. Don't be scared. She was your best friend.


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  • Aren't you a man?

    It should be quite the opposite. Its her who should be scared that you will go away with another girl and that she'll be the loser! Why people don't think this way?

    • your comment made my day.anyway yes I am a man and I don't know why people don't think in that way.

    • You know what, if you can confidently go and start out a powerful conversation with any woman, than you should not be having any problem in finding a new partner...

  • I suggest you don't go back to her. What are you expecting to gain out of this? I had something similar too, and you have to ask yourself:

    1. Would a true friend have put you through all that pain in the first place?

    2. What bad assumptions did she make? That your a horndog only looking for sex? Is that woman capable of trusting you? If not, why do you want to go back?

    3. What do you want from her? Friendship, or love? I think someone who would block contact with you for two years is incapable of loving you.

    • You said you had something similar to what I have right now.if you don't mind me asking.are you saying that you tried talking to her again one day and on that day things went pretty bad for you?

    • Yup pretty much. She ended up telling her friends that I came begging for her and that she was smart enough to ignore me (which is not true, I just wanted to talk to her again because I missed her). You'd probably realize she is not the person you miss and she probably never was that person to begin with. Find someone who treats you better.

    • I see what you mean.a part of me still wants to give it one last try but I see your point.


  • Give it one more try.

    Tell her how you truly feel, and back it with sincerity and genuineness.

    A great why to start a conversation is because you're still attracted to her.


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