Is my friend falling for me or disliking me?

A girl at my work and I have been pretty much best friends for some time. I'm single not dating, and she's married but is having some trouble with her husband wanting to set her up with guys so he can watch and stuff to spice up their marriage.

We've been spending some extra time together talking about her problems and in the process realized how incredibly attracted we really are to each other. We get along perfectly, have much in common, think alike even to complete each others' sentences and almost read each others' mind, etc. We'd honestly be like the perfect couple. But to avoid cheating on her marriage we've agreed to back off talking and spending time together, though she's not sure she can stay married to this guy and would be interested in a relationship with me if she gets divorced. At least that's how she used to feel.

But lately I've noticed she's not able to keep eye contact with me anymore when we pass each other, and she's even kinda covering her face to avoid looking at me. She seems to try to mostly avoid me directly, though she'll also go out of her way to walk past where I'm at sometimes. She seems nervous to be near me, though occasionally she'll still text or call me or we'll talk briefly at work. I can't tell if she's liking me more or is disliking me enough she doesn't even want to look at me. What do you think?


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  • Hi there,

    Firstly it appears from an outsiders perspective that she is liking you considerably and is as a result, doing her utmost to keep away from you because of that reason and that she is married.

    It would be wise of you to continue the space that you two have been trying to generate between each other. As should the marriage break down between her and her husband, the last thing that you want is to be a cause of that. As whether you had an influence or not, it is most certainly a strong possibility that the blame for the marriage breakdown would rest on you, in the eyes of those involved.

    This could be a case of the grass is greener so to speak and should they part ways only for one or both parties to regret it later, it would be much easier for them to seek out a scape-goat than look at their own failings which lead to their demise. A whole new world entitled 'complicated' would befall on you and trust me, you don't want to be a part of something like this.

    Maintain your distance, as hard of a prospect this may be.

    Wishing you all the best,


    • Good points and good advice. Thank you.

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  • I'd say she's liking you and getting nervous and shy around you now. :-).

    • You may be right. I've just never seen her act this way before.

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  • It seems that she has grown to like you though she doesn't want to fall into it because she's already committed.

    • Good point. Thank you.

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