Is he losing interest?

I have been dating this guy for 2 months now! the last couple of times he asked me to go out with him I couldn't since I was very ill! now we talk all the time, haven't had sex but were both very busy people since we both work two jobs so finding time for each other can be hard its the reason why we text so much, but after last time I said I couldn't come see him since I as ill he has been very distance, he isn't texting as much and when we do talk he replys back with short answers or sometimes just stops texting all together, Now I don't know if its because he is busy or is losing interest.


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  • He's not busy, he's losing interest. Guys really do want sex when they're dating and younger guys tend to go after the easy prey. If you're not going to give him what he wants, then he'll get some easy girl to give it to him. You should know that a guy that likes you for your personality won't get bored with you that easily and maybe you two don't have a lot in common. It's okay for him to drop off, that's how you separate the weat from the shaff. Don't go after him that much, he should be after you (let him go, you don't want anybody that doesn't want YOU).

    • But its not me holding out! I have been throwing myself at him and its him not wanting to rush into sex!

    • Maybe he's not over his ex?

    • he has been single for a year! he hates his ex

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