Personality disorder getting in the way of moving on?

I am already seeing a therapist but it doesn't seem to help. So basically I have a mild form of OCD which compels me to cyber stalk my ex. It's the only way to calm the anxiety, even despite knowing that it will hurt me. And it does hurt me, a lot. I don't know what to do. I've tried everything, and finally blocked and deleted my ex today. Now I feel terrible. Is there a cure for this?


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  • Your only cure is time. Make sure you don't unblock her or do any more cyber stalking.


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  • CURE: I'm learning in my counseling psychology class, that Psychosurgery is used on people with severe symptoms of behavior, personality disorders, and OCD. It really works, according to our teacher, but is hardly used.

    ALTERNATIVE: Also, another topic being discussed in my psych class, client centered therapy is where you and your thearpist meet up with your ex girlfriend and talk things through...for instance, you can tell her that you were cyber stalking her because you really miss her and see how she responds. The truth is, the more you talk with your ex and know that she's over you, will help make a closure gap between you and her and that is when you can start to accept the fact that she has moved on, and you will feel less hurt about being apart.

    But closure and acceptance of being apart is the most important things you have to work on to get over her.

    Best of luck.


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