Why do I get proposed to, over the internet so often?

Guys tend to start conversations with me online which is normal for any girl really. But in the past month alone I've had 7 guys just start talking about marrying me and moving to my country to do so, or asking me to move to America with them or to move to their country..

Most of these guys come from Asia. Particularly middle east and India. One from Russia.. Some other country I can't remember.

Now this may be a cultural thing, for guys to just start talking about marriage right of the bat after sharing a fief conversations. Is it cultural?

I am not doing anything in particular. Nothing of significance. So I presume this must happen to a lot of girls...=/

Girls does it happen to you too?

I don't instigate anything. We don't even talk that long. I don't even flirt at all. I just talk to them normally. Then I do let them know I would not marry someone I barely know, maybe not even date and their plans would involve a lot of gambling on a girl they barely know, yet they persist. Why?


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  • Will you marry me?

    • xD

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    • You sign blood contract and yes.

    • Alright il prepare my paddle boat and travel across the Atlantic to meet you xD

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  • Will you marry me?! I promise not to cheat on you... very often ;)

  • Will you marry me?

    • Now now, don't steal the other guy's thunder. Unclassy dude. xD

    • lol, booo

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  • Ummm because they are desperate and you are young and prob look like an easy mark.

    • How so when I do not give them any insight into my life? Or any hope of meeting them.

      And all of them were quite handsome 20-30 year old guys. =/

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    • How do I sound naive? What specifically about my statements made you see this. Really wondering.

      I am not saying they are legitimate, but I do not see how can they be "frauding me" without any kind of incentive..

      As for desperation. That I did not exclude. But I did actually see them so.. =/

    • The money thing you mention would make sense if they didn't know the country I live in, is very poor.

      They would have to be stupidest scam artists in the world.

      Any other kind of desperation I could come across? Other then money driven that is.

  • youve got to watch those kind of guys on the internet, a lot of then are trying to find American women they can marry so they can go to America. seriously.

    • I'm not American. My country, Bosnia is a piece of crap. No one would want to live here. Guys who live where I live, want to move.

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