I think I made a mistake, but I'm not sure...

Hey, sorry this is a long one, but I'll put a tl;dr at the bottom. If that's of any help.

Here's the background story, I got fairly close with a girl who's studying at my university on exchange, who also has a boyfriend back home. I think we both liked each other, we'd hang out, I'd taken her out on a couple dates and she'd make us dinner and we'd have a night in and stuff (started out as just friends, but after a time I think for both of us it became more than that (think, hope whatever), like we'd stay awake all night finish a couple of bottles of wine and the time seemed to fly and before I knew it would be way way past midnight), Almost always we'd be sending messages and that kind of stuff throughout the day and we'd flirt a lot, if went out to any club or anything, we'd spend the whole night together and go home together, so it was mostly just the two of us. She'd told me about her boyfriend one, he seemed like a decent guy, but she also told me that he'd cheated on her a few days before she arrived here. So like in my head, that was a hint that she's unsure about him, but I might be wrong.

So keeping that in mind, and my stance on the matter was that I wouldn't do anything with her or do much more than what has happened already while she still has a boyfriend. I don't know if it was a stupid move or not at this stage. And last week, we were just talking and I told her that we were friends. Not in a way to tell her to keep her distance or anything, it was something along the lines of "don't even worry about it, we're friends" after she'd apologized for being really really drunk (messy) a couple of nights back.

Ever since then, things have gotten a bit unsettled. She'd only send a message if she needed me to drive her somewhere, borrow something or have me run some errand for her. (I'm pathetic for initially agreeing to do these things in the hope that things would get better, but they've not and I'm growing impatient).

Also I spent a couple of days hanging out with one of her friends, nothing happened and it was just hanging out as friends, but maybe that has something to do with the situation. Now were at the stage where if we're in a group, she'll only just sass me, and she won't even look at me anymore, even though when I see her I'll just be the same as usual. And needless to say, she'd barely talk, message or do anything with me anymore. I thought she was just being a bit moody, but now I'm starting to think I made a mistake at some stage in what I've done.

I can't talk to her about it because we'd never really defined our relationship. Also I know that just because we'd done all those things, doesn't mean she was keen on me, but for what it's worth my gut feeling is that she was. Please help me out!
tldr: this girl that I like has started to ignore me and I'm not sure if I'm making things worse


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  • Ask her if everything is alright and if she wants to talk.

    • I tried that a couple of days ago. She said 'Things are fine, thanks for asking' Completely unnatural response to how she's acting hah

    • then maybe invite her over for coffee or something as friends and talk casually.

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