If he likes me back, why does he avoid me?

l've liked this one guy since this past December and he found out almost three months ago. (I seriously have no idea who even told him..) Once he found out, he stared paying so much more attention to me.. and was showing so many signs that he liked me back. He would stare at me, playfully tease me, and try to make me laugh. He even told my best friend that he liked me but he wanted to get to know me first. But for exactly a month now, we've been completely avoiding/ignoring each other. I got no warning, he just completely cut me off, and me being an extremely shy person, I ignore him back. Its made me completely miserable for weeks now and I can't get him out of my head. We have two classes together so I see him everyday yet we still say nothing to each other, its driving me crazy! Just two days ago he went up to my friends after school asking where I was. And the next day he still didn't say anything to me. Why is he Ignoring me?

(I just need some advice! I'm so shy, I'm trying to build up the confidence to say something to him.)


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  • The guy's probably unsure if you actually like him. Personally, I'm kind of *cough* dense when it comes to girls and a lot of guys are. Its tough, but try talking to him. Either he'll get the picture from you making it a point to speak to him or he won't.


What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe he's trying out the "One Step Forward, Two Steps Back" approach.

    Here's what happens with that approach:

    1) You like someone

    2) so how will you know if he/she like you?

    3) The One step forward approach:

    -you flirt with that someone you like

    -your choice if you make it blatant or not really obvious

    -you interact with that person a lot, be cute, be sexy, be funny, be really friendly

    -do good stuff, tease, get to know, flirt

    4) So how will you know if he/she is interested in you after all that?

    5) The Two Steps Back Approach:

    -you cut everything out

    -total opposite of the one step forward approach

    -you ignore that someone you like

    -you become cold-ish (okay, fine lukewarm lol)

    -you don't initiate conversations

    -you don't approach nor say hi first

    6) With that way, If that person you like will notice the changes, and IF she/he likes you, then that person you like will be the one to step forward now..since you've gone two steps back.

    7) Then once that person you like goes one step forward, so you should also go one step forward: so you guys could meet half way.

    :D :D

    So, I do wish you the best on your confidence ;D Go talk to him honey. You've got nothing to lose. :>


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