Rocky relationship, what should I do?

So my girlfriend and I of 3 months have had a rocky relationship and I need some advice. Bascially I found some messages on her computer a week after we started dating. They were messages talking to other guys saying that I wasn't her boyfriend, I then cheated on her with my ex for a month and a half. She cheated on me at a party, then with a friend, a bunch of text messages to random guys and then she went to florida for a week and hooked up with her ex boyfriend. She then broke up with me and dated her ex. She came back up here we hung out two days later and then she cheated on her boyfriend with me. Now keep in mind also I had a weird feeling about her cheating on me, the whole time we were dating, so I confronted her multiple times about it and she denied it straight up. We had a bunch of fights about this. So anyways one night she stayed over and she said she wanted to get back together with me. I said I don't know, I feel like she's keeping something from me, and I told her the only way I would date her is if she would agree to take a lie detector test. She then confessed to everything that happend and I told her that I cheated on her too and we both vowed to be truthful and honest with each other and to take a lie detector test in 2 months to see if we really could trust each other. So then later on that week she starts txting this guy who lives far away and I saw a text I didn't like and she deleted it and then showed me the txts. I caught her in a huge lie and we got into a really bad argument. The next weekend we hung out had a rocky start but it ended good. I go to work and find out she blocked me on fb and said she wanted nothing to do with me. She told her mom we had a bad argument and her mom doesn't want her around me. Now my girlfriend is 19 so that really pissed me off and the fact that she didn't even tell me we were broken up I had to find out on Facebook. We then hang out a few days later work things out and we had a amazing week and half together, total trust and truthfulness. We had a bad argument the week after Easter about her flirting with a co worker. Nothing changed, she won the argumen Because I caved in. Then we had a good Saturday and then I find out she's txting her ex boyfriend and she lies to me about it. We argue for 2 days break up, talk things over and now were back together. We talked alittle Monday, she was supposed to call me that night never did, said she fell alseep. Then yesterday we hungout, had sex, found out she had bruises on her legs not from me, which she usually gets from having sex, but said they werent from anybody. I mentioned something about it but took her word for it. Then she was supposed to call me tonight, even texted her to call me she said she would after she ate and she never did. That was hours ago, not sure what to think? Since that time where we came clean I've been as good as you can be and been tryin to change for her but it seems like she hasnt. I love hanging out with her and I'm not sure if I love her or not. What do you guys suggest?


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  • I would try and date other people. You guys seem addicted to one another, not like you are falling in love with one another. There are too many lies too early in the relationship. If it is this bad now, just wait until things get serious it's gonna be WAY WORSE.

    If you really want to be around her why don't you try being strictly friends for a couple months and see how that goes. Don't have sex or kiss or anything, just hang out as buddies! It might take the pressure off of both of you to be monogamous and you can decide if you really are as into one another as you think.


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