Why would he care about what my parents think?

Me and my ex broke up a long time ago. We still do things together and act like a couple,but I don't think we're ready to become a couple again. My parents see him around often. They don't really have a problem with him. But ex always ask me what they think about him (He thinks they don't like him). I don't see why he would care what they think about him if were not in a relationship.


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  • Perhaps he feels bad about the break-up?

    If this is true, then he may have reason in his own mind to think that your parents don't like him.

    • I broke up with him. He thinks they don't like him because he cheated on me in the past

  • It seems that he still have plans to get back with you.

    • I think so too,but he has other girls he's talking to. (shrug shoulders)

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