Getting back together 5 months after break up & now expecting a child.. ANSWERS?

this girl and her ex were together for 2 years. She left him because things w them were bad and he cheated on her. They recently got back together after 5 months of breaking up & been dating for 5 months.. She is now 3 months pregnant ..

What is expected from this relationship?
& he cheated on her while he went away for a job thing with a girl he used to talk too & told her to/insisted to remain friends with him after her saying no & finding out about his girl's pregnancy.. But his girl doesn't know anything ***


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  • its not the easiest thing to do, but I would leave him. Only communicate with him for means of the child and nothing else


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  • Well hopefully they can rebuild their relationship for the sake of the baby! But she will have to learn to forgive and try to learn how to trust him again!

  • Let me guess, you're the other woman.

    He's expected to man up.


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