How to tell a girl you only want to be friends??

Met this cute girl, asked her out, and went out for six months. Now my feelings towards her aren't as strong as went we first started going out. Only problem is, she still likes me a lot. We haven't been together since we broke up 8 months ago. We still see each other thou, and she still kisses me. How can I tell her thou I don't want to get back in a relationship with her? I feel I wouldn't be able to handle her crying and sad face.. Any advice?

Thanks to all answers it really does help a lot. I really have to talk to her we'd be better off with everything out in the open..


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  • i think you have to handle her crying face because you seem careful about her feelings and that's amazing ... if you didn't tell her .. it would be kind of cheating so .. just go on and always remember that you are doing the best thing 4 you both


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  • shes not going to cry. yore too full of yourself to miss. she's just using your body. you gus broke up. itsJUST physical.

    and on the off chance if she does cry. or you cry--big deal. people cry. its part of life. if you can't handle that move to the forest and become a hermit. or you can just remain a participating part of civil society and grow up.

    just tell her I JUST WANT TO BE FRIENDS. then define what that means to you. so that you have no wiggle room, because clearly you can't be trusted to respect boundaries, sine you go around kissing friends...

    She doesn't keep kissing you. you keep seeing her and you both keep kissing. is she forcing you? no. If you didn't want to be kissing her, there would not be any kissing between the two of you. you're keeping it going. no one is forcing you to kiss anyone. you do it of your own volition.

    Why are you even thinking about this. you just want to befriends. so tell her. there's nothing to analyze. just do it.

  • She will get hurt no matter what you say so just be honest and break it off in the nicest way possible.

  • Personally, I think a girl would get hurt whatever way you may say it, especially if she really likes you. I just think you'd better be off telling her the truth but obviously in the nicest way possible. Just say "I think you're an amazing person, but I can't do us anymore so I prefer being friends only" or whatever better lines you've got ... I'm a girl and it happened to me before, and even though it hurt a little, I still appreciated the honesty of that person. Don't worry about it though honestly, it's best to get it over done with than leaving it for longer.

    Best of luck bro.


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  • If you can't handle the crying, you have to get her mad.. Ask her if she would mind if you asked _____ out on a date because you're attracted to _____. The more personal ____ is to this clinger, the easier it will be. one luv


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