My exgirlfriend confusing me pls read

My exgirlfriend took me back we got back together in 4 months she used to always drop hints about marriage but I used you say nothing in return not ignoring her but just acted positive but she all the sudden left me for another guy and told me she couldn't feel safe with me,..I'm just confused is it because I didn't propose? was I too dumb not to read the hints? We are both 30 by the way ...give me opinins pls do women drop hints about marriage in early relationship and they leave if they realize the guy is not the one?


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  • Yes, that happens a lot.

    That's why you just need to be with them if you have an interest in marrying them.


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  • How long was your relationship before you broke up? If it was less than 18 months I would think she was being pre mature about the getting maried that's all I got man sorry that sucks

  • She's 30, chances are high she wants to get married and get kids as soon as possible.

    Welcome to the "I want kids or GTFO" decade for women.


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