Guys please help. He was pressured to break up with me?

This boy was being heavily pressured to break up with me because his parents wanting him to concentrate on school. So he finally cracked. I talked to him afterward and he said he loves me but he'll be fine, he'll lose all his feelings if he forces himself to and if he doesn't have any contact with me.

I will move on, please don't give me advice about that... my only question is... well, I'm just wondering if that will work? Can guys lose feelings for you if he's forced to?


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  • Yeah, and even if he's not forced to.

    It's one of the ways guys can move on from a relationship much faster than girls. So fast, in fact, that many times the girls get upset and wonder if the entire relationship was a lie, because in their minds, no one should be able to move on that fast.

    But we can, and do.

    • Wow really, can I ask how 'fast' is fast? and does he miss her at all?

    • Faster than you can believe, and no he doesn't miss her at all.

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  • If he were you, how would you choose?

  • His feelings won't be lost if you still keep in contact with him.


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