Ex is furious, Can I turn it around?

Hi there, I need some honest -even if its brutal!- guy opinion about that.

My ex has lied to me about something really important at the beginning of our relationship. I got furious and broke up with him but I loved him so much finally two months later I agreed to get back together.

But I could never really get over this and when I had to close the subject and stop nagging him about lying, I became the most bitchy girlfriend. I would never stop yelling, blaming or putting him down for no reason. We fought all time for 8 months breaking up and getting back together countless times.

So finally he said he wants to break up. I tried to stop him bu he made up his mind. He was like a brick wall. He said he will never meet my expectations, I was being too pushy, he needed space, and he still loves me.

Its been 5 months, I was devastated, I hit rock bottom.- I contacted him at first but then he stopped answering. After that I always wanted to contact but I was afraid of getting a bad reaction. During this time he got the job he always dreamed of, I called him to congragulate but didn't answer.

A few days ago I saw him at our school, he saw me too. And what did I do? I turned around and ran away! Called him the day after and he answered with a furious text asking what I was trying to do after everything was finally over, and blamed me for not being mature because I ran away. And it would be at least civil if I went up to talk to him.

So I don't know if it means he still have feelings or if we have another chance, but I really want him back and I am planning to go talking to him soon as he said it would be civil. Do you think I can turn things around?


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  • If he is wanting to talk,i think maybe there's a little sign of hope..but the one thing you need to not do

    is act too emotional around him..remain calm ,cool and collective like you have a wonderful life without him..he will see the confidence and maybe desire you again


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