Had a serious talk, things seemed settled but are they, really? [full story]

Here are the facts. I was very depressed because of something my boyfriend did. It had been some time since our relationship wasn't going very well too, so that didn't help. We talked it through, and it gave my boyfriend the occasion to spill all the sh*t he was frustrated about in our relationship and never told me about. He brought back how pissed off he got when I told him that I couldn't wait for his graduation celebrations to be over with.

Why did I say that? I had told him that because he decided months ago that I wouldn't come to his prom (he said I could go if I was willing to cover all my expenses worth hundreds of dollars), despite us being together for over a year. I was sick of hearing him and his friends talk about prom and it depressed me immensely to see him and my older brother graduating when I've failed 3 classes already, nearly 5, and I haven't even accumulated half my credits yet (we're all in the same degree). My boyfriend never failed a class, not even close, and I've hated every second of his graduation ceremony. It was very tough on me.

And on top of that, he said he "hadn't been that into it for some time" because I was often depressed about school and it pissed him off that I depressed him when he came back from vacation on spring break (I was sad because he ditched me the whole week and rubbed all his fun activities in my face after he got back). He also basically said that he didn't want me to be there for his prom (it's away and it lastsvfor 2 days) because I dislike parties and I'm a party pooper.

So anyway, we discussed it all and it seemed OK in the end. Last night, I kept thinking about the party pooper thing for prom and him telling me he hadn't been into our relationship for some time. It got me nervous and depressed about our future. When we messaged each other through email today, I told him about my worries (including school stuff too). He said not to worry and that he'd talk to me on the phone tonight. When I called him, he was busy. We didn't talk for long. He didn't introduce the relationship matter.

The other thing is that I have a week off before my internship and my parents are encouraging to go St. Marteens on my own (I've never travelled alone or been to the beach before). I couldn't go with my boyfriend because he's finishing school too late and he's got this godamn prom I'm not going to right in the middle of the week. I had suggested we go to the spa together for few days because my alone vacation wasn't likely to work out. Now, things have changed and I could go on my alone trip, but my boyfriend is discouraging me to, saying that I might get bored because I'd be alone. It's frustrating me that he's so sure I'd enjoy myself so much more if I screwed my week over for 2 days with him than if I went south on my own for the very first time in my life.

And now, I'm seriously wondering if I'm really wasting my energy here and settling for someone selfish and incompatible. Thoughts?


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  • You're wasting time.

    He's not interested in you that much, thus not putting any effort in the relationship.

    You're better off with other guys.


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