How can I get him back someday? Help please

Me and my ex had a really good 2 year relationship but sadly we broke up over a dumb fight and I tried getting him back but he said times were tough, he eventually got a new girlfriend a couple months later but I still love him , we havnt talked for a month or so and I'm scared to text him because I feel I will be bothering him. What can I do to get him back in a couple of months if his new relationship doesn't work out? How much longer should I wait until I can text him with some casual talk?


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  • There's no way you'll get him back.

    He has already moved on from you.

    Find another guy instead.


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  • As advised move on, if you ever read your own question in a few years time you will realize how immature you sound. Findsomeone else, don't settle for leftovers

  • Move on and find a new guy. Your relationship was damaged and he moved on. I recommend you do the same.


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